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Zamp Solar Panels

Zamp solar offers the most versatile, highest quality and affordable plug and play kits on the market today! All Zamp Solar kits come with top rated monocrystalline solar panels and digital charge controllers. Looking for an entry level kit or a large stay off the grid kit, we have your solution. All of our kits come complete with everything needed to install directly to your battery bank. 

Never get caught with dead batteries again. Zamp Solar kits are perfect for keeping RV, boat, trailer, tractor, construction equipment and boat lift batteries fully charged.

Benefits of RV Solar
Maximize battery life and save money
Typical RV battery lifespan of about 2 to 3 years. Batteries are expensive and with a proper battery bank and solar system that meets the campers needs batteries can last 2 to 3 times their normal lifespan Ė thatís 6 to 8 years and in some cases 10+ years.
Easy to use and low maintenance
There are no moving parts making solar very low maintenance. With a good solar system the only maintenance required would be to clean the glass of the solar panel occasionally.
Electrical independence and save money
Take charge of where you can and want to go. No longer be tied to an electrical outlet or forced to listen to a generator. Solar gives the freedom to stay out away from it all longer. By reducing theamount of maintenance and fuel for a generator and forgoing the electrical hook up fee at many parks, solar can pay for itself in no time.
Clean, green and quiet
Solarís long lasting life makes it a green alternative for power production. There are no moving parts or fuel to burn, therefore no noise or fumes.

Zamp offers solar panels in portable or hardwired options to suit your needs.

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